Ma’isyah & ‘Aisyah

One day my friend told me this: “Ma’isyah first zhar, then you could think about your A’isyah”. Haha…I was just smiling when I heard that.

One day another friend of mine told me this through a social network: “Therefore k’, quickly graduate, get married and send me the party invitation!”. This too, i was just smiling, with a different reason though, cz it’s kinda ironic she said that to me, haha šŸ˜€

Ma’isyah…sigh…this one thing, i always think about it lately, harder than ever. Why? well, i am 21 years old right, and i’ll be 22 this year on june 26th –‘. Besides i already have someone on my mind (in my heart actually :p), someone whom i wanna spend my life with! (weu, these words are too mushy so i censored it >_<”).

It’s not that i don’t have any ma’isyah now, it’s just not enough yet if wanna live at least for the next 41 years!. Well…it’s ok though, as a start,hehe… The thing is, my plan is to get some ma’isyah using my skill and knowledge in the world of architecture, but it’s not the time yet. I am still a student, still have much to learn. I can’t just force my self to do that while focusing myself in academic activities, because there are so much to catch up after being ‘such a loser’ for the last 2 semesters –‘

So, I’m gonna do everything i can to improve my ma’isyah but not as my priority right now :). And, as for the ‘Aisyah’… ikhtiar by keeping silaturrahim and friendship is the best i could do right now. If Allah really destined us for each other, then I don’t have anything to worry about, let me just prepare myself, be better and better before performing half of my diin.



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