The Broken Values

I have some values i commited to never break them. Maybe they seem as no big deal to many people but not to me. But i broke them one by one and that makes me losing faith to my self. Eventually, i realized that every people makes mistakes, even our Prophet Muhammad did. So, i decided to move on rather than keep blaming my self for it.

Some values might have broken, but there is still one remain unbroken, and i promise my self i’ll keep it that way till die. There is a saying: what you can’t achive all, don’t leave them all. And for the broken values, i still can ‘repair’ them.

A friend once said: Life is like a book, the cover is your birthday, the back cover is your d-day. Every page of the book represents your life, what you wrote is what you did. Sometimes you did mistakes in many pages, maybe every page. But there are always next empty pages to make up for them. The thing is, we never knew when the last page will come, and in what page are we now. But there is no need thinking about it. We only need to think how will make every next pages of our life worth it and do our best.

So, for my next page i’ll start with: Astaghfirullah al adhiim….


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